New arrival!

We recently were able to purchase locally a new female giraffe for Pomeroy Reserve. Having only one female left it was a wonderful opportunity to add to our stock and also to widen our gene pool. She duly arrived, by trailer, ears muffled and blindfolded, but stood in the trailer looking calm and majestic whilst she waited to be unloaded, which only took about 5 minutes. She truly is a beautiful creature, in good condition with a fairly dark coat. For the first few days she stayed in the same area of the farm. Our other giraffe were in an area at the other end of the reserve. Their behaviour was fascinating to watch. It was almost as if Hector (our patriarchal bull) had sent our only other female to go and fetch the new cow. We watched as the two females came across the reserve to meet up with Hector. It was all very calm and endearing to watch. Since then we have seen Athena (the new cow) with Hector and Jack (our youngest giraffe) all over the farm but always together. Last night they we joined by the other two and it was delightful to see all five together, feeding from the trees around the lodges.

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